My Home Away From Home, Troy Univeristy

Those who know me know I love to travel. I live on the plane and on the road. Remaining in one location for long periods of time leaves me antsy for adventure. However, I cannot remain abroad 24/7/365 as much as I wish I could due to school. Whenever I am not off and gallivanting across the globe, I am here at my second home, Troy University located deep in Troy, Alabama (my real home is in Chattanooga, TN, be expecting a post later about it). I attend Troy University and live in the Deep South approximately 9 months out of the year, a significant amount of time. I have taken y’all across the map, so now it’s time to show y’all where I spend the majority of my time.

Troy University is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful universities in America. The campus is gorgeous and clean. There is no vandalism or graffiti on any of the buildings. Lawn service people keep the grass nice and short, it feels like they mow the grass almost every day. The quad provides a beautiful to relax or eno on a nice, sunny day. There are always activities going on around campus. I love my second home.

At Troy, I belong to a sorority, Alpha Delta Pi (for my international readers, no it is nothing like what you see in the movies). There are always sisters over at the house, banners being painted, meetings in session, essentially never a dull moment at the house.

Whenever I am not at the sorority house, I am usually on campus. I am fortunate enough to attend a university with an extraordinarily beautiful campus. We have a cute old church


Library fit bikes

(remember age is simply relative), Sorrell Chapel . We also have an amazing library. The library recently upgraded and added a vending machine, coffee machine, one-seat loungers, and fit bikes. That’s right, you can work out while you do homework. The library is the place in Troy I call home. As a history major, I basically live in the library, bouncing from one paper to another. It is honestly surprising that I do not have my name engraved into my usual table and chair yet. In addition to the library, I also frequent Patterson Hall. The second floor is known as the Floor of History. Most history professors have their offices located there, and all the history classes are held on the second floor.


The campus’ main pride and joy is the main quad. It is here that most events are hosted. Students hang out on the quad, some jump into the fountain, some admire the British phone booth. The quad is a calming and one of the top study locations on campus! Also pictured is New Residence Hall, the newest, fanciest, and most expensive dorm on campus (the rooms even come with a tv!). Janice Hawkins Park lies right behind New Res. The park currently holds an amphitheater, replicas of the Terra Cotta Warriors, and the new International Arts and Culture Museum. Janice Hawkins Park is another way to spend a weekend “chillin.”

Off of campus, the town is a small community. Yet, there is still plenty to do! There is fast food galore, Publix, Wal-Mart, Village Coffee (the cutest and tastiest coffee in troy!), and the Square. Downtown Troy is referred to as the Square and is a quaint old downtown area. The food on the Square is lovely, the boutiques expensive (but with cute clothes), the bakery exquisite. Downtown even hosts Fifth Saturday and community events! Last semester one of the away game football games was broadcasted on a flat screen on the Square!

Those who come to Troy always go to both the Square and the University! After all, the community down here are Trojans one and all! The bottom line, there is never a dull moment in Troy between the on-campus events, off-campus events, sporting events, and everything in between!

So here’s to the school we love! Welcome to my home away from home.


Terra Cotta Warrior replicas Janice Hawkins Park

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